2nd Time Around

September 26th I booked my second studio shoot. I had i model cancel on me through text message around 12am and I had a model added to the 6pm shoot 12pm that afternoon. It seems that no matter how far in advance you make your plans something usually goes wrong. Definitely had a better attitude about it this time

So the i style @andrew.kaylor with the help of @kofeebroun to highlight his crazy beard. The pics came out good. They had "character". Of course the wireless communication for my cameras didn't work again. I think it's time to invest in some radio triggers. This time was different because i brought my continuous lights. 

@_ambernicole saved the day coming in on short notice as my female model. I tried a few light setups just to see how they looked and to be honest it was an onsite learning experience. I think we got it right shooting outside and in the office. @drevinchiwrks had his settings right and really took advantage of the light situation. He got some great shots. i have to find a way to practice somewhere else. Lighting is the key. 

Big up to everyone the helped out. 

Forgive my errors, wrote this in class.