Thugs Love Musicals

Shot out to Terry and Steven François @_francoisfrancois for reaching out to me for B-roll. I had a lot of laughs during the play and I support what you're doing. 

It was pretty cool being in the Light Box in Wynwood. Terry and the singers did well. I was impressed by their commitment to the skits. There were a couple of times when the crowd got uncomfortable but everyone moved right a long with the show. 

My favorite skits were "Terry's Thoughts", the hustle man who had everything that you need, "singing lessons" was good to. I liked it and I can't wait to see the next show. 

The Manfrotto monopod worked like a charm. It was easy to move around and I wasn't in anybody's way. Admittedly, I didn't have everything i needed to kill the shoot but I did the best with what I had. 

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