Miami LEx

With any labor of love you get the privilege of traveling places, meeting new people and learning new things that you never learned before. While practicing our long exposure techniques@DreVinciWrks and I traveled to downtown Miami, Brickell, and places on South Beach highlighting iconic skylines and places in Miami. 

One of my favorite spots was shooting old Brickell. I had no idea about the history of the city but my good friend Ruben was delighted to school me. He definitely isn't a historian but he told me the basics about the Tequesta indians, Mary Brickell, and her husband William. I had no idea that Brickell was not always a luxurious Urban living destination but did go through its own period of gentrification to make it what it is today.

I hope you enjoy the shots I enjoyed taking them and look forward to more adventures and blog posts here on MH Drive. Thanks to everyone involved and everybody that opened up their homes, gave suggestions, and  bought us Pizza.


Pics in Portfolio

2nd Time Around

September 26th I booked my second studio shoot. I had i model cancel on me through text message around 12am and I had a model added to the 6pm shoot 12pm that afternoon. It seems that no matter how far in advance you make your plans something usually goes wrong. Definitely had a better attitude about it this time

So the i style @andrew.kaylor with the help of @kofeebroun to highlight his crazy beard. The pics came out good. They had "character". Of course the wireless communication for my cameras didn't work again. I think it's time to invest in some radio triggers. This time was different because i brought my continuous lights. 

@_ambernicole saved the day coming in on short notice as my female model. I tried a few light setups just to see how they looked and to be honest it was an onsite learning experience. I think we got it right shooting outside and in the office. @drevinchiwrks had his settings right and really took advantage of the light situation. He got some great shots. i have to find a way to practice somewhere else. Lighting is the key. 

Big up to everyone the helped out. 

Forgive my errors, wrote this in class. 

Thugs Love Musicals

Shot out to Terry and Steven François @_francoisfrancois for reaching out to me for B-roll. I had a lot of laughs during the play and I support what you're doing. 

It was pretty cool being in the Light Box in Wynwood. Terry and the singers did well. I was impressed by their commitment to the skits. There were a couple of times when the crowd got uncomfortable but everyone moved right a long with the show. 

My favorite skits were "Terry's Thoughts", the hustle man who had everything that you need, "singing lessons" was good to. I liked it and I can't wait to see the next show. 

The Manfrotto monopod worked like a charm. It was easy to move around and I wasn't in anybody's way. Admittedly, I didn't have everything i needed to kill the shoot but I did the best with what I had. 

Check out the website 

Shots Fired

So my practice shoot on Saturday was a learning experience to say the least. I practiced slaving the speedlites in the morning and was confident in my equipment. When it was time to shoot guest what wouldn't work. lol. I was so hot but Phil gave me some good advice that included "Are you a five year old?". I took out my continuos lights that I brought as back ups and started shooting. 

At the end of the day i got 2 out of the 3 shots i wanted. The rat pack shoot was great and i'm glad i could do it with my friends. Shot out to everyone that came out. The next one is coming in a month or two. Enjoy the pics from the from the shoot. 

First Studio Shoot Saturday

So this will be my first time shooting in a studio. I'm a little nervous but who cares. It's so great to feel like things are coming together. 

I just want to create quality, creative imagery and this is my time. These pictures will probably suck but i know they will be better the second time around. 

Rat pack flow with Los Hombres. i got my ppl in the building, S18co, Drevinchiwrks, Blackshakespear, 100proofDJs. It's a big deal